Monday, October 11, 2010

raspberry creams

I've been busy.  I've got a project done for the shop, but I also decided on what color combo I'm using for my pickled clams, aka raspberry creams.  Pink and brown!
At first I thought I'd just do a whole bunch of different colors, and so I grabbed the colors in the single above, and did it that way, and reversed.  Well, once I saw this, I was hooked and did several more lickety split.  Love it.  Now I'm collecting a bunch of pinks and browns to go with the ones I have.  What fun.  I also tried a larger piece of freezer paper for the Inklingo, using just one layer of the Reynolds freezer paper, and it worked beautifully.  Happy camper.  I can do 3 strips a nite and sew at least one and a half onto the clam the next.  I could do more, but for the two new puppies.  Pix to come!  Inklingo is the best!