Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jester Quilt

I saw a sweet little doll quilt in the Small Endearments book that I think I've mentioned before.  Well, it's been talking to me and so I had to start it, didn't I?  Anyway, I'm doing it larger-48x48 --three blocks across and 3 blocks down, pot holder fashion.
I had originally planned to bind it in the acid green.  Then I thought maybe acid green on 2 sides and red on the other two:  
  I think I like that idea better.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  I've got block 2 almost done.  Look at me, I'm making progress!  
The weather has been gorgeous, a little on the chilly side yesterday and today but we missed the big storm that hit the east coast and PA.  I'm grateful.  

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pineapples !

I finished the pineapple table topper using the pot holder technique.  I'm very pleased with the results:

Have a close up look at the front seam:
and the back:
There are historically several bindings for the blocks.  This one is the knife edge.  The first blocks I did had applied straight cut binding, put on opposite sides first then the remaining 2.  There were also continuous bindings that were single thickness that did not have mitered corners.  A few have been found with woven tape bindings.  And of course there were some where the front had been taken to the back and those where the back was turned to the front.  The versatility of these blocks just cranks me up and I wish I had several more hours in the day to get more done!
I'm off to put some applied binding on a couple of Amish style blocks.  Wheeeee!