Monday, November 8, 2010

something else new

I know I've said it before, but I have a short attention span.  Today's evidence:

 This is not really my fault.  This is Melanie's fault (one of my bosses at Good Wives).  She's been waltzing
in with her Grandmother's Flower Garden repro that she's working on, and
it's an easy one piece pattern. 
So, I wanted an easy one piece pattern, too, that was a repro.  Ergo......
I'm using Inklingo, and it's printing up great, and the piecing is so easy.  The diamond shape is from the FREE diamond, triangle square download.  The quilt I'm repro-ing is on page 80 of Classic Quilts from The American Museum in Britain.  It's called Sunburst Quilt, and it's from 1875-900.  Made by Elizabeth Mitchell(nee Cannon).  St. Cloud, MN.
The original has a yellow sateen background quilted in red thread.  Will I be so bold?  Time will tell. 
the real question is, when will it get finished?  Stay tuned......

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Where does all the snot come from?

That was always a big question around our house when my daughter was growing up.  Between allergies and the occassional cold we should have bought stock in Puff's with lotion, because we are the prime users of this product.  Well, nothing's changed.  We started out October with allergies-some of the worst in ages-and not just for me-because of the kind of summer and fall we're having.  And then, before they're even done, I get a Fall cold.  I'll be back with pix of the few things I've been able to work on as soon as this finishes clearing up.  Oh! The answer to the question is: the snot locker.