Monday, April 11, 2011

I shouldn't be allowed......

I shouldn't be allowed to
                    1)  look at new magazines
                    2) look at old books
                    3) read other blogs
                    and any number of other things that are creatively stimulating!!!!!!!!

Have you seen the new issue of BH&G's American Patchwork and Quilting?  The cover quilt really got to me. 
For some reason I love yoyo's but have never thought of the open-ness of the coverlets practical for my house of little animals.  And here's the solution.  The yoyo's are topstitched to the strips of fabric.  How cool is that!  No fussy applique, just lots and lots of basting stitches !  So I couldn't resist, right?  So, I got out a bunch of 5 1/2 "  scraps and got busy with my Accucut and Voila!
Not quite Terry Atkinson's (the designer) colors, but I do work at a store specializing in Civil War reproductions after all. 
 And if that wasn't enough, I picked up an old BH&G Quilt Book that had a picture of a squashed and elongated hexagon type pattern that looked like an old Turkish rug, hanging on a wall behind a bench, and thought, hmmm, I'll bet I have something in Inklingo that'll work.  And I did!  These are elongated hexagons from the Inklingo lite #4.  It's squashed the opposite direction of the ones in the original photo, but with a little fussing, it'll be fine---and mine! 
So, in a matter of an evening I had this pile marked and  cut and ready to go.  Inklingo is truly magic!
And there have been lot of blog entries on sites that I visit that have picture of the red and white quilt show in NYC posted, so I was thinking of that...............Oh, and the doll quilt I have to piece for group this month..........
gotta go!

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  1. We have a lot in common LindyLou! There is inspiration everywhere. I guess we just have to suffer with it, eh? :-) Monkey sends a smooch.