Monday, August 30, 2010

quick intro

I've been quilting since '75 and knitting since I was seven (yeah, in the old days when polyester yarn was new!).  I've had a number of lives and very happy where I am now.  I live surrounded by parks and farmland about 20 miles outside of Columbus, OH, but work one day a week at a lovely shop in Marion, OH, called Good Wives Co. , which deals with repro fabrics and furniture.  I work on their blog, make projects for them and myself and have projects stacked up like every good quilter should.  I'll be talking about what I'm doing on my own time for me, and yes, there will be cross-over with some of the shop stuff, but I'll try real hard to not be repetitive, or push stuff for the shop, as this is my space for showing and musing.  Yes, I muse. 
I must say that I have become addicted to a process/site called Inklingo.  I have no association other than being an avid fan.  As I like hand piecing but not marking, Inklingo is perfect, as you can have your printer put the marks right on your fabric, and never trace around a single template!   And it's all perfectly the same!   You can sew by machine, also, but I don't, yet.  Go there right now! and join the yahoo group and check out the blogs and start sewing.  Which I'm going to do right now, because I was supposed to spend the day sewing, but instead designed this blog. 
More soon. And there will be photos, just not today.

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  1. Hi, Linda -- lovely to see another blogger talking about Inklingo. :-)