Thursday, September 30, 2010

snips and strips and puppy dog yips

This part of the reason it's been a long week:
No, not two pictures of one dog.  Two pictures of two new puppies.  Yes, they look like our other dogs.  Yes, we now have 4 Maltese.  Yes, we are nuts.   Our older ones, Moose and Milli, are not really happy right now, but they're not aggressive, so that's good.  The puppies, whose names we think will be Tanque(yes, that's Tank), and Olive, are very active and way too curious, and like my slippers way too much.  (For those of you not dog lovers, I apologize and will only put short updates on occasion.)
In the mean time, I've got my appliqued star count up to 25, and have 27 more prepped to go.  I did another pickled clamshell.  Ignore the "lovely" background".  I've been trying out different color combos, still can't decide.  I've got 2 more set to go, a pink with chocolate and a chocolate with pink.  I suppose I could put these all together eventually, but ...........
I also got the center hunk of that pineapple quilt quilted.   It amazes me how much free-er everything feels now that I've remembered why I like the hand done pieces.  They look hand done!  What a concept.  And yet, one that I so easily forget when looking at all the things in shows and in magazines. 
Big sigh.  Well, off to get some more stuff done so I can have more show and tell!


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