Monday, March 26, 2012

Making progress

Here's a quick peek at my applique blocks:  

     The blue is really black, and I really do have all 4 done but I couldn't find the 4th one at the time, and it's a good thing because one of the cats managed to gack a hair ball in the open upper quadrant, and if the block had been there, well, you see where I'm going.
    I'm getting ready to go put batting and backs on these so I can quilt them on my Sashiko machine, then whip stitch them together!  Probably take me 'til the end of the week, but we'll see.  
   We've had 2 weeks of summer already and today it's back to seasonal temps in the 50's, but now that every tree is in full bloom we're supposed to get a killing frost tonight.  I hope it doesn't get all the apple trees in the orchard I like to pick in the fall.  This weather is too weird.  But the sun was shining and I got things done....mowed the lawn in March!!!

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