Friday, March 23, 2012

Back--with a vengence

Oh, yeah, I'm back.  My new knee is great, I'm coping with my hives and my shingles are gone.  It's been a weird 4-5 months.  While I was gone, the girls at the shop where I work found a new-ish book:

      It's by Pam Weeks and Don Beld and it deals with "pot holder quilts"--quilts that are made as individual blocks that are completely quilted and bound, then whip-stitched together!  Makes group quilts as easy as those knitters and crocheters have it.  What it does for me is feed my "lazy quilter" mode.  I get to hand or machine piece a block, hand quilt or machine quilt a block, and bind a block  and then whip stitch it in rows or square units.  If I do it all by hand I get to do it all on the couch without displacing the dogs or abandoning Mr. Wonderful! 
     Look at this sweet block!  I turned it into a table runner by adding just 3 more (they're 14" blocks), and now I have plans for getting other quilts that I have in assorted stages of "not finished" actually finished!  And I'm getting to hand quilt without having to wrestle a big hunk of fabric stuff.
Right now I'm working on a pineapple applique table topper that will have a knife edge finish instead of applied binding.  If I go applique right now, I'll get to post a new photo in a day or 2!  
Check out this book!   

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