Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Just a quick little post, as I've been working on stuff but have a bunch of un-photographable stuff.
However, I did finish a sampler of stitching, knotting and tying techniques from the book, Utility Quilts
 and even though I've tied several quilts before, it was
a)fun to try different things,
b)great trying all these things at once, so the comparison is immediate and lasting
c)great to try a bunch and not be committed to one you don't care for on a whole quilt

So, all in all, a good idea--for me, anyway.  Aaaaaaaaand, here it is:
I left the markings in, so I can use them for a class sample of more than just the finishing techniques.  If you click on the pic, you'll get a close up of all the different ones:
there's big stitch with tiger tape with the top stitch bigger than the bottom one, big stitch quilting where the stitches are the same top and bottom, running cross stitch, surgeons knot, square knot, methodist knot, modified backstitch, crows footing, buttonhole stitch.........whew.
Not gonna tell you which ones I prefer so as not to bias anyone.  To each their own, right?  Plus, different batts and patchwork patterns might require a rethink.  
I saw a post on LuAnn's blog the other day that she had gotten the book Feathering the Nest  published by Quiltmania and was really pleased with it, so of course, as I'd been drooling for it for a while, I went ahead and ordered it today.  Can't wait for it to come.  I sure hope somebody appreciates my library when I'm gone!!!
Kitchen is calling me to fix something for dinner.  

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