Thursday, June 7, 2012

More Good Stuff

I'm just working on a "few" projects, right, so now there's more?!  Yes!
     My daughter saw a quilt in Anthropologie last winter and wants one in grey.  So I said sure.  Why not, Right?  So, I've been collecting greys:
     I know some look a little brown and some look a little blue, but I think that'll help the overall richness. These greys will be opposite white and set in a streak of lightening pattern.  I'm going to try and make it as a potholder quilt with knife edges to the blocks.  So I said to her "What color/s do you want on the back"  and she immediately said "Canary yellow".  No hesitation there,(glad I asked), so:
     And there may be a few others added as I find them.  
     Since that's all taken care of , LOL, when I saw this quilt on the Bunny Hill Designs web site (go to the page and scroll down) I fell in love.  And  The Fat Quarter Shop has it all kitted up. (usual disclaimer) (go to the page and scroll almost 3/4 down the page on the right)  It was one of those grey days and I lllooooooovvve
polka dots and a few days later I got this:

 in the mail.  
   I'm still working on how to make this a pot holder quilt..have to see if I'll need any more fabric, and decide what to use as a backing.  So many decisions................ : ). 
     I better figure out what to fix with the potato salad for dinner and get the clothes out of the dryer and........

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