Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Made ya look!

I'm actually back the next day like I said I would be.  (Surprised me, too.)  Well, I took a look at the blog after I'd posted and realized I had a better pic of the quilt that I posted-twice, even.  So:
Yes.  I'm happy with it.
So, now to the new stuff.
I had ordered a book:
Utility Quilting by Carolyn Forster and took it to work.  (no, I have no connection with Amazon except I occasionally shop there.)  Didn't want the girls to have to order it in if it wasn't something we could use.  Mel loved it!  We saw this picture:
done in thirties fabrics.  We decided to do it out of Civil War repros:
     It took about 5 hours to piece it being really careful, cause if we use it as a class sample, I don't want people seeing how inefficient I can be : )     I think I'll finish it using a lot of different techniques demonstrated in the book--and believe me, there are a lot!  I learned things that I had never seen any where else.  How many of you know about the "Methodist knot"?  And how about the "Decatur knot"?  So, finishing the quilt will be an adventure! And it will be so nice having a quilt that you don't care if the kids gack on it, or spill milk on it, or the dog lays on it or the cat leaves a hair ball on it.  But you still had the fun of choosing fabrics, and trying different combos than you normally would, and maybe even using up some of the stash you haven't figured out how to use anywhere else.
     That's all I have for today.  I have been working on some pot holder blocks and buying fabric for a quilt for my daughter.  So I will have some things to show you soon.

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