Monday, December 20, 2010

pre-holiday haze

I have nothing wrapped yet.  Nothing.  I do have the shopping done.  I have not mixed up the cookie dough. I do have a plan for the next 4 days.  There's power in a plan.  Most of my plan involves quilting (both doing and dreaming) and eating.  I like this plan a lot. 
Inklingo just came out with the new Feathered Star patterns and design book.  The design book is free for a short time, so get yourself downloading now.  I'm hoping for GC's for Inklingo as part of my Christmas. : -) 
And because I have nothing else to do,  and since I found a cute Cindy Blackberg stamp set at work for a little sunflower quilt, I got most of it cut out and started
.  I said I just got started.  They make 8" blocks and in utter sweetness will look something like this:
I think I'm leaving off the dark border, though. 
I was wondering for the umpteenth time the other day, why I feel this need to start so many projects.  I mean actively start them, not just buy them.  At this point all I can come up with is I need to feel a sense of ownership-if I start it, it can be finished.  And it says something about my faith in the future, that I'll have time to finish it or at least decide it's fate. And that's my thought for the day.   later.  linda

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