Monday, December 13, 2010

she's baaaccckkkkk-again

The fog of allergies, colds and sick dogs has lifted.  I managed to get stuff done, but can't remember what, exactly.  Had my computer totally hacked, so lost lots of stuff.  So, what have I got to say for myself today?  In short: ain't life grand?  I feel very philosophical, but will spare you.  But check out our winter wonderland:
I know, ya gotta be in the mood. 
I've been working on a Valentine quilt.  It's a reproduction of one done in the 1800's.  It's over half quilted.  Should be in the shop after the holidays.  I posted some pictures of waste canvas cross stitch on :  Go to the web site and click on the blog.
And, yes, it's supposed to be vertical, and I rotated it and it still came up this way.  But after the hack, I'm just grateful things come up.  :-). 
Then....I've been working on some top stitch applique, and there's a good video of it here : on
Piece o' Cake's web site under "videos". (enough repetition on my part to get that out?)
(close-up)  Are those stitches cute or what.  I have to start on a Spring project today that uses regular needle turn applique, and I'm fighting it!

Well, I should actually go sew, so something gets done. 

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