Friday, December 31, 2010


Hope your holidays were excellent.  Ours were mighty fine (wait-didn't that used to be a brand of pudding?).  In any event, I'm trying to put things in order so I can face the New Year with calm and intention.  Notice I didn't say "calm intention".  That would so not happen.  With that in mind, I spent the other day checking out all my "small" projects, that is, projects with small blocks, not necessarily small finished sizes. 
So far, I've gotten blocks ready to sew for:
the star quilt from Blackbird Designs' Country Inn, the pattern called
"Shooting Stars".   I have 40+ of these done, and now about 10 more ready ro go.  I only need a total of 169, so I've got a good start (she says smugly).
Then I got :
baskets counted and organized snd ready to go.  It's from another Blackbird Design book that I can't find right now to tell you the title.  This one takes over 300 blocks and I've got 30-something done (she says not so smugly, since she started this a good 9 months to a year before the stars).
Then, I got a bunch of pieces cut out for:
these cute little spool blocks that are going on all over blogland.  I'm doing these with  Inklingo's POTC lite collection.  (That's Lucy Boston's Patchwork of the Crosses which you can read all about on the Inklingo site).  I'll tell you more about these little lovelies over the next few days. 
And then:
 I got this block pieced.  Cindy Blackberg gives piecing direction with the rubber stamps, but did  I pay attention to them?  Oh, no.  The next one, I'll try her way.
And because I can't be stopped, I'm getting a set of pieces done later today for yet another project that I'll post a picture of tomorrow. 
now you see why "calm" and "intention" don't really go together in this case.  Two totally different states of mind in my case.  
I did get the hand quilting on the Valentine repro I'm doing for the shop finished   I'm waiting for the binding fabric to get sent down ffrom the shop because of course I didn't take it home with me the last time I was there.  You'll get a full picture as soon as it gets finished. 
Well, celebrate with joy and thankfulness, and may the New Year be kind to us all.

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