Monday, January 3, 2011

Inklingo New Year!

Happy, happy!  It's the third of January and what have I got to show for the new year?  Well, I'll show ya.

I spent a good deal of Saturday marking, Inklingoing and cutting several projects, just because I could. 
I just love how sweet these little blue flowers look. and I do mean small:
Each side of the hexagon finishes at 1/2"-this quarter covers the whole center.  I keep thinking of them as little forget-me-nots.  Yes, it will take tons, but I'm not in a hurry and they print up so fast.

The POTC's that I talked about on Thursday?:
I got some of them done, too:
These are similar in size to the hexes:
You can find lots of info on them at Cathi's site, (and Valentina's,--and I'd give you the site if I hadn't accidentally erased everything on my favorites list-but you can find that on Cathi's site, too.  She seems ever so much more organized than I am.) if you search "klosjes",which is the Dutch word. Apparantly, they've been very big in the Netherlands for a while. (I'm late to the party,as usual).  A group of people have declared Saturdays as the day to work on your Klosjes.  There are a number of sizes and shapes, but I agree with Cathi that there's something special and addictive about this little size.  Did I say the finished blocks finish at 2 1/2" square?
Then I did some "old fashioned" marking with a pencil and got a bunch of hearts to top stitch applique ready:
And I worked on my Spring table topper out of the Blackbird design book, Garden Club.
I hope you didn't expect focus this year!
Well, dinner's in the crockpot, but the laundry in the dryer won't fold itself.

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  1. Oh Linda, This is fun! I love your sewing kit and the way you used the coins to show the size. Very pretty! Hugs,
    Linda & Monkey