Thursday, January 27, 2011

Klosjes, Zentangles & red&green, oh my!

Yes, I've been busy since I last posted.  I got a bunch of klosjes, done:
yippee skippee!
And I listened to the Universe, and did a number of Zentangles:
Wait, wait!  Here's a closeup:
If you
are a good little doodler. you won't be impressed.  Personally, I'm floating on cloud nine!  I shared with my friend, Jan, and she called me the next day and said if I were really a friend, I'd come take the pen out of her hand-she'd done 18 in two days!!!!!!!!!
Then I spent a few hours at 11pm Monday nite at the vet ER, cause I thought one of the puppies had eaten a straight pin--she hadn't, but she should be a magician, the way her jaws are faster than the eye. 
Tuesday I spent finishing up proofing the first block of the Good Wives Second Annual Red and Green quilt---and it worked!
I crashed at 9pm yesterday--I never do that, but I've been up and at 'em and getting lots of stuff done today, just no sewing.  Well, I'm off, and I'm leaving, too.

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