Wednesday, January 12, 2011

lucky you!

Why are you lucky?  'Cause I deleted all the blathery stuff I had started this post with and started over!  It's a snow day and I don't have to go to work.  The snow's not that bad, but blowing and drifting all over the roads makes travel not ideal.
I've gotten parts and pieces done.  I added almost 2 rounds to my starburst repro: 
Takes longer and longer to get around-duh to me.
Last Saturday I got a few more forget-me-nots and klosjes done:
I was talking to a friend about the little flowers, and I considered that each flower was "precious", but the quilt as a whole is not more precious than the individual flower.  She, who is very insightful, likened it to seeing a vibernum cluster, and each little flower is wondrous and precious, and each are equal, and God considers us each individually, while dealing with the whole. And that kind of broke my mind.  The fact that I consider each is precious and the whole no more so than the each of the individuals is a good bit of insight for me in just talking about fabric quilts.  The rest is something I have to ponder  for a while.
Then, in between all of these, we got the 2 puppies spayed.  Trying to keep them quiet is interesting.
But I still made time to get the stems for the Garden Club Blackbird table topper appliqued-almost.

  Should finish up today.  The layout was time-consuming, as the blocks are 20" ish- and there wasn't a large layout sheet to put the fabric over-just a graph.  I suppose I could have blown things up and taped, or redrawn it on a red dot tracing mesh, but that would take more time before I could start to sew, so I "approximated" stuff.  We'll see if I regret that when I'm done. 
Tomorrow I'm doing a full scale Inklingo demo, so I have to go get that ready.  And one more ding on me:  I finally found all the comments people had left on the blog:  here I thought I was all alone, and low and behold, people are reading it.  Thank you, thank you.  And I hope to answer comments from now on.


  1. Linda your work looks lovely. How large are you making the 'sunburst'- its beautiful

  2. Lindylou,
    just had to see what you have been doing -I too love Inklingo. Those little blue flowers are so cute. I have the 1/4" hex set. wonder what that would look like... Thanks for the inspiration. The blog looks good will be following you.