Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's mail day!

When I go to answer people's comments, my computer tells me that the default email is not properly set up, ergo I'm responding here.  I'll keep mail separate from the rest of the posts and label it as such.  If anybody has better suggestions, let me have'em please!
To Joan, I'm "reproducing" a quilt that I saw in the book, Classic Quilts from the American Museum in Britain.
It's on  page 80, and here's a picture of a picture (don't know how else to do that)and the original is 72"x65" (183x165 cm).  I chose fabrics that were similar to the ones in the original and am pleased at how it's coming out so far.  I got the book on Amazon.  The quilt was made by Elizabeth Mitchell (nee Cannon) in St. Cloud, Minnesota between 1875 and 1900.  The original background was a yellow sateen, and don't supposoe I'll be able to find that in that color now, but haven't started looking, yet.  The original was EPP, but I'm using Inklingo.  Yes, I'm planning on it taking a while.   Sigh.  Thanks for your interest.

To QueenB, I want to see a picture of a little flower of 1/4" hexagons next to something little.  Can't wait!  Thanks for checking in.

To Linda:  having the best time with all of this, thanks to you and Monkey! 
Have to go try to fix an old laptop and since it's Saturday, do some Klosjes!
later.   linda

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